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Take Action When Nursing Homes Breach Our Trust

Millions of Americans trust nursing homes to take care of their loved ones. Most nursing homes seek to earn that trust, providing a valuable service and treating their patients with dignity and professionalism.

Sadly, however, many nursing homes fall short of professional standards and the consequences can be terrible.

When a nursing home patient is hurt through abuse, neglect or other forms of malpractice, the victim or the victim’s family can seek compensation for the harm done to them. This is a way of helping to cope with medical bills and other costs that come with the aftermath of an injury. It also holds nursing homes accountable for hurting the people they were meant to protect, deterring them from such behavior in the future.

It is not easy to successfully pursue a claim for nursing home abuse. Abuse can be difficult to prove and insurance companies and other opponents are skilled at talking people into settling for less than they deserve. You need help from a lawyer with the experience and knowledge to handle your case.

What To Expect From Our Services

At Smith Law, we provide valuable insight and advice for abuse victims and their families. In addition to her legal practice, attorney Sharon K. Smith is a practicing registered nurse (RN) and has served as an expert witness on many nursing home abuse cases. Her experience gives her an insider’s perspective into professional standards of patient care and how they relate to the law.

We will take time to learn about you and your situation. From there, we will explain your legal options and what your case may look like moving forward. Once we have agreed to represent you, we will thoroughly investigate your case and argue forcefully against insurers and other adversaries who are working against your family’s best interests.

Do Not Hesitate To Call

If you have a loved one in a nursing home and you have seen warning signs of abuse, report the problem right away. Once your loved one is safe, talk to a skilled lawyer about your legal options.

Schedule a free consultation with us at 412-255-3226 or through email.