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Your Estate Planning Options

Many clients are surprised to learn just how tailored an estate plan can be. With such a diversity of estate planning options at your fingertips, you may feel lost about where to start, or perhaps you are unaware of just how many options you have.

Our team at Smith Law will take the time to listen to your goals and family situation so we can suggest the best planning options for you. Some of those options might include:


A will is an essential starting point in a comprehensive estate plan. It can include any number of terms and wishes to help you reach goals such as transferring assets to loved ones, caring for a disabled child, or giving to charity.

It is by no means the only piece of an estate plan to consider. For some, a will is sufficient for the size of the estate and what they’d like to do with it, but many clients will highly benefit from drafting other documents as well.


Trusts provide a means for transferring your assets directly to an heir or loved one. The benefit of creating a trust is that any assets passed this way are kept out of the probate process. Depending on the type of trust, it may also protect the assets from estate taxes.

Health Care Directives/Powers of Attorney

Estate plans are not just instructions on distributing your assets after you pass away. They can also be used to protect you if you happened to be seriously injured.

A health care directive reflects your preferences regarding end-of-life medical care, while a medical power of attorney designates someone to make health care decisions on your behalf.

A durable power of attorney takes a similar approach on the financial end, assigning a trusted individual to make financial decisions for you if you become incapacitated and lack the mental capacity to do so yourself.

Answering Your Probate Questions

If you have concerns about Pennsylvania’s probate process, we have the experience to address them. Certain assets, such as bank accounts with a payable-on-death provision, transfer directly to the named individual without going through probate. Assets in a trust also avoid probate. If you fear overlooking certain assets, a lawyer can help you understand how to properly protect your finances and belongings.

We also help families complete the probate process when a loved one passes away. The process is often confusing and you do not want legal issues on your plate while grieving.

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